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Thomas Young
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I am an experienced British translator providing a professional service in French-to-English translation. Specialising in law, I translate high-stakes legal documents (doctrinal, normative, contractual, jurisdictional, academic and educational texts). Clarity, precision and intelligibility are my guiding principles.

I hail from the United Kingdom, but I have been settled in France since 2010. Back in England, I obtained a bachelor's degree in French and a master's degree in translation. And in France in 2024, I took a short training course in legal translation as part of my specialisation.


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'What is conceived well is expressed clearly'
Nicolas Boileau (1636–1711)

Getting your legal documents translated is, by its nature, a delicate undertaking: the slightest mistake can prove costly. To ensure that your legal documents are translated reliably, it is vital to call upon the human expertise of a professional translator. Only a translator who specialises in law can grasp the legal concepts in your documents with a view to rendering them clearly, precisely and intelligibly.

A competent legal translator is not just a linguist, but a true consultant. As a specialist, I regularly study law in order to produce legal translations that are reliable and intelligible. Furthermore, a legal translator must have polished writing skills in their target language so that they can convey legal concepts clearly. Through my background and career, I have developed an effective writing style in English.



'Thomas is more than just a good translator: he's quick to react and very reliable. He always respects his deadlines and his work is thorough. I'd highly recommend him!'

Marion Courtot
Communications Officer, Econocom

'Thomas is an excellent writer. He's meticulous and never loses sight of who he's writing for. Those are qualities I really value in a professional translator.'

Carmelo Cancio
Director and Founder, Cancio Communication

'Thomas showed particular talent at condensing technical writing to its essence and he excelled in the precis writing assignments. His writing style was notable for its clarity. He was able to capture the meaning of longer, difficult passages within tight, easy-to-follow sentences.'

Gavin Evans
Journalist and Tutor, London School of Journalism


Thomas Young is a sole trader registered under French business registration number (SIRET) 824 727 937 00032

EU VAT number : FR 70 824 727 937