Thomas Young
French-to-English Translator


'What is conceived well is expressed clearly'
Nicolas Boileau (1636–1711)

Translator specialising in cultural heritage

Member of the Fondation
patrimoine (foundation for
conserving French heritage)

Your partner

Thomas Young is an experienced British translator providing a premium service in French-to-English translation.

With a deep interest in history, he specialises in cultural heritage, translating copy in publications for museums and historical monuments. Clarity and concision are his guiding principles.

Thomas Young


'Thomas is the ideal translator for our clients in cultural heritage. His writing style perfectly suits the field of culture. He can translate smoothly while transposing the essence of museums' publications, which can sometimes be complex.'

Lucile Reynaud
Project Manager, Traducteo

'Thomas showed particular talent at condensing technical writing to its essence and he excelled in the precis writing assignments. His writing style was notable for its clarity. He was able to capture the meaning of longer, difficult passages within tight, easy-to-follow sentences.'

Gavin Evans
Journalist and Tutor, London School of Journalism

'Thomas is an excellent writer. He's meticulous and never loses sight of who he's writing for. Those are qualities I really value in a professional translator.'

Carmelo Cancio
Director and Founder, Cancio Communication


Style guides

The Elements of Style, William Strunk Jr

 On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction, William Zinsser

 Fowler’s Concise Dictionary of Modern English Usage, Jeremy Butterfield, ed.

Essential English for Journalists, Editors and Writers, Harold Evans

 New Hart’s Rules: The Oxford Style Guide, Anne Waddingham, ed.


Thomas Young is a sole trader registered under French business registration number (SIRET) 824 727 937 00032

EU VAT number : FR 70 824 727 937